Cairns Private Food Tours

Cairns Private Food Tours

Our full day private Cairns food tours take you on a journey of discovery and gastronomic delight. From Cairns city we head up into the hills of the Atherton Tablelands. A landscape as diverse as the people who live there, food grown there and beverages, roasted, toasted, fermented and distilled in these hills. On a quest to sample the best of the best on our private Cairns food tours, we explore farms and dairies, breweries and distilleries, wineries and more. These tours are small on numbers, to ensure you get the time and space to ask questions of the growers, brewers and distillers. When you aren’t grazing on a tempting array of tropical fruits, culinary delights and enjoying delicious coffee and cold brews, you’re enjoying scenic views which transition from rolling rainforest and pasture covered hills, to dry savannah plains and more. Our boutique Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tours take you behind the scenes, giving you a true taste of North Queensland and best of all, we do all the driving so you can sit back and enjoy the journey. So, where do our private Cairns food tours go? We mix it up with the seasons, to ensure you get the best experience available, and are pleased to provide information on some of our destinations below (listed in no particular order). The above image has been provided by Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

Rainforest Heart: Ancient Australian Fruits And Spices

Rainforest Heart is a gorgeous private property surrounded by ancient World Heritage listed Rainforest, on the southern end of the Tablelands. As well as being home to a healthy population of endangered Southern Cassowaries, this property also has a well established Australian bushfood orchard, specialising in fruits and spices and that’s why it’s included in our Cairns private food tour itinerary. The flavours of the native fruits and spices will amaze you, especially the very versatile and healthy Davidson’s Plum. This rainforest plum is vibrant red in colour and has an intense and complex depth of flavour, which lends itself to a variety of culinary creations, sweet and savoury. Davidson’s Plum can be tasted in local yoghurts (we visit a dairy that uses it on our Cairns private food tours), local gins and fruit wines (you can taste these on tour too), in jams, sauces and more. Other delights grown here include Rainforest Cherry, Herbert River Cherry, Rainforest Tamarind, Finger Limes and Lemon Aspen. Please note Rainforest Heart is currently undergoing a change of operations, so we may or may not include this on your Cairns private food tour.

Mungalli Creek Dairy: Out Of The Whey Café

Prepare for dairy deliciousness when our private Cairns food tour visits the café at Mungalli Creek Dairy. Mungalli’s Out Of The Whey café is just a hop, skip and a jump from Rainforest Heart and it’s here you can taste their Davidson’s Plum swirled through Mungalli’s rich and creamy yoghurt. As our private Cairns food tour guests, you’ll enjoy a platter featuring some of Mungalli’s most popular products, this includes cream cheese, cottage cheese, feta, quark and yoghurt, accompanied by locally made chutney and a selection of fruits, vegetable sticks and crackers. This is eaten either under the trees in the garden, or in the café itself. There’s also the opportunity to purchase coffee, tea, milkshakes or tuck into a delightful Devonshire tea (homemade scones, luscious Mungalli cream and delicious jam).

Crater Mountain Coffee: Australia’s First High Altitude Coffee Plantation

Coffee, coffee, coffee – not sure about you, but our day always involves coffee – and that’s why the Crater Mountain Coffee plantation is on our private Cairns food tour. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to meet Lucy – and you’ll never meet anyone more passionate about coffee than Lucy. She loves growing it, harvesting it, experimenting with it and drinking it. In fact, one year – 2020 – Crater Mountain Coffee performed over 80 different green bean processing experiments on hand harvested batches of their coffee. Hear Lucy's story, get a behind-the-scenes tour of the highest altitude coffee plantation in Australia and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of her product, while taking in the views of the Tablelands on our private food tour. If you like it, buy it, there’s a range available including Espresso Roast, Filter Roast, Cold Brew and Cascara.

Cairns Private food tour

Mt Uncle Distillery: Premium Spirits and Liquors

Does taste testing locally produced small-batch gins, vodka, rum, whisky and FNQ Agave spirits sound good to you? Well – us too – that’s why Mt Uncle Distillery is a must stop destination on our private Cairns food tours. Here you’ll go behind the scenes to talk, tour and taste some of their premium, award winning spirits and liquors. They have a diverse array and while it’s hard to pick a favourite, you need to taste their Davidsons’s Plum gin – a local take on a sloe gin. Smooth and refreshing, it’s made with the native Australian rainforest fruit, the Davidson’s Plum (yes, same one as at Rainforest Heart) and is perfect on a hot tropical afternoon. Mt Uncle Distillery is on a private property located just outside of Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands, it’s one of Cairns’ best distilleries and our Cairns food tours will take you there.

de Brueys Boutique Winery: Tropical Wines, For Tropical Climates

Did someone say wine tasting? One of our private Cairns food tour stops is at a boutique winery, where you can taste a wide range of tropical fruit wines. We’re talking a fabulous array of flavours from mango to lychee, passionfruit, bush cherry and jaboticaba, not to mention liquors, ports and more. de Brueys Boutique Winery is located on a private property and started production in 1999/2000. All wine is matured for up to 12 months before sale and sealed with corks.

Macalister Brewing Company: Fresh Beer And Cane Field Views

The last stop on our Cairns food tour is one of Cairns’ best breweries , Macalister Brewing Company. Take in the views, enjoy a tasting paddle of delicious craft beers and have a chat with some of the regular guests, while we are here. Macalister Brewing Company sits at the bottom of the Macalister Range, which we descend on the Kuranda Range Road. Locally owned and operated, Macalister Brewing Company prides itself on creating a range of unpasteurised, unfiltered, preservative free craft beers, using quality ingredients. If beer tasting sounds good to you, make sure you check out our exclusive Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour and Cairns Walking Brewery Tours .

That’s Some Regulars Of Our Cairns Food Tours – Come See Them With Us

Our private Cairns food tours are a full tasty day of cruising around beautiful North Queensland, meeting growers, roasters, distillers and more. There’s six unique venue stops on each tour - the exact locations and destinations may vary pending seasonality of produce and availability of personnel. This is small group touring with a maximum of 10 people on our private Cairns food tours, and a minimum of two. When you book one of our Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tours, , you are supporting local business and local people, have a guaranteed driver and partake in an epic adventure in the tropics.