Cairns Tasting Guide

Cairns Tasting Guide: A Guide To The Best Local Producers

When you think of Cairns, I bet there’s two things that spring to mind, the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Well, we’d like to add a few more attractions into your itinerary and they are tasty, creamy, juicy and tropical – they are all made here and they’re ready for your consumption. We give you, our Cairns Tasting Guide. In it we cover a biodynamic dairy, tropical winery, highland coffee plantation, award winning distilleries, master brewers of craft beers and growers of rainforest fruits. Our Cairns Tasting Guide hits the top notes of zesty finger lime citrus in Navy Strength Gin, to the more mellow malty flavours of Arlington Amber Ale, the creamy deliciousness of Havarti and ricotta cheese and rounding off with a tempting platter of native tropical fruits and highland espresso. Stop me now. These are just some of the many flavours and temptations being created right here in North Queensland – and you can enjoy them on our boutique tours – with a range of itineraries to choose from - Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour , Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour and Cairns Walking Brewery Tours . Right now though let’s continue with a snapshot of some of our favs on the Cairns Tasting Guide menu. Above photo Courtesy of Hemingway's Brewery FNQ .

Beers, Beautiful Beers: Blow The Froth Off The Top

Our Cairns Tasting Guide kicks off with beer. Why? Because when it’s hot up here, we love nothing more than a great cold beer. In good news for us, Cairns is home to a number of amazing breweries creating an impressive line-up of tropical beers, pilsners, ales, lagers and more. Their taprooms and brewpubs are scattered across the city and the suburbs, from absolute waterfront positioning to inner-city laneways and the suburbs of Stratford and Smithfield. A consistent theme across the breweries we include as highlights in our Cairns Tasting Guide, is a passion for perfection and purity, quality products and perfect process. There’s a solid line-up of favourites, with a beer to suit all taste buds. So which beers and breweries get a mention in our Cairns Tasting Guide? ~ In no particular order we present to you Hemingway’s Brewery on the waterfront, Macalister Brewing Company on the northside, Barrier Reef Brewing in Stratford, Coral Sea Brewing in Bank Lane and finally, the Lake Street brewpub of Sauce Brewing Co. Visit them on our legendary Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour and Cairns Walking Brewery Tours .

Sneaky Spirits And Gorgeous Gins: Get Your Cocktail On

Sticking to the drinks department, our Cairns Tasting Guide ventures next to the distillers of the town, and what an impressive bunch they are. Passionate people who’ve perfected their process and picked their botanicals, creating a truly tempting range of premium, award winning, gins, rums, vodkas and liquors. What to do with all this deliciousness? Shake them up, stir them up or have them straight up – no matter your preference, our Cairns Tasting Guide has you covered for cocktails. It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, so we will start with the most centrally located, which is the sophisticated Wolf Lane Distillery, bringing you tropical gins and liquors. This local legend has gone national with its success, and today bottle shops around Australia stock their wares. Our Cairns Tasting Guide’s next distillery produces a range of rum inspired spirits they like to call Croc Piss, and this is FNQ Spirits on Sheridan Street, while over in Stratford, Narrow Tracks Distillery is making moonshine and tropical gins of note. There’s one more on the Cairns Tasting Guide – Mt Uncle Distillery – high up in the Tablelands. If this sounds good, book a seat on one of our tours: Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tour and Cairns Walking Brewery Tours and Boutique Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour .

Coffee With Altitude: For Those Needing A Caffeine Fix

Did you know Australia’s first high altitude coffee plantation is right here in North Queensland? Nope – well now you do - and Crater Mountain Coffee is on our Cairns Tasting Guide. This family owned and operated plantation grows its coffee in the hills of the Atherton Tablelands. They grow trees from their own seeds, nurture them, sun harden them and plant them in paddocks, where 3 years and 10 months later, they harvest them. The cherries are picked, washed and processed with attention to detail, every step of the way. They aren’t afraid to try new things either and in one year (2020), they performed over 80 different green bean processing experiments on hand harvested batches of their coffee. These people are serious coffee lovers and their coffee, is for those who don’t compromise on quality – a bold and rich inclusion on our Cairns Tasting Guide. Visit in person, by booking a seat on our Boutique Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour .

Cheese Platters, Cheesecakes & Devonshire Tea: Don’t Mind If We Do, At A Dairy

Anyone seeking a Cairns Tasting Guide, will surely be seeking some local cheese - because who doesn’t love a good cheese platter?! Seriously. So good! One producer of local cheese is the fabulous Mungalli Biodynamic Dairy on the Atherton Tablelands. This family operation pioneered Biodynamic farming in the region and use no artificial fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones. As well as investing in their cows, they invest into the land, using practices and techniques which enrich the earth, which in turn produces nutrient rich food. More than that – it’s delicious!! Mungalli’s Out Of The Whey café is on our Cairns Tasting Guide and you can visit it, on our Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour . As well as cheese platters, cheesecakes and Devonshire tea, Out Of The Whey also dishes up crepes, dessert platters, country-style pies, a ploughman’s lunch, ice-cream and more.

Fruits And Flavours Of The Forest: The Rainforest In Fact

Our Cairns Tasting Guide loves those that use native ingredients to bring bright, bold colours and flavours to their dishes and drinks. More importantly, we recognise the growers of those native ingredients, the people who make it possible and one of those is the people at Rainforest Heart. Their Australian Tropical Bushfood Orchard has two specialty ‘crops’, being the vibrant rainforest Davidson’s Plum and the zesty Lemon Aspen. Both have fabulous health qualities and pack a flavour punch. They also have Finger Limes which – if you don’t know – are native citrus, shaped like fingers (hence the name) and filled with caviar like beads of sour, citrusy goodness. These are great for so many things, including cocktails and ceviche. Their orchard also produces Rainforest Tamarind, Rainforest Cherry and more. If you want to get your taste buds enlivened with the native flavours of Australia, visit the Rainforest Heart on one of our Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tours .

Cheers To Fine Wine: Tropical Fruit Wine Awaits Your Discovery

Speaking of fruit, the last installment in our online Cairns Tasting Guide is the boutique de Brueys Winery, also on the Atherton Tablelands. This lovely little winery has picked up trophies at the Australian Fruit Wine Awards - their Passionfruit Wine was named Best Dry Wine, their Coffee Temptation won a Silver Medal and their Swagman Port got a Bronze Medal. In addition to these, de Brueys Winery has Mango Wine, Lychee Wine, Native Bush Cherry Wine, a few different Ports and Cream Wine Cocktails. We say cheers to fine fruit wine and de Brueys Winery, for crafting their excellent range for your consideration. Visit them with us on our Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour .

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Cairns Tasting Guide: You’ve Read About It, Come Try It

So there you go, an online version of the Cairns Tasting Guide. We told you this destination offered more than reef and rainforest. Hidden in the hills, brewpubs, taprooms and wineries is a delicious selection of locally produced – well, everything really. When you visit our tropical destination, its essential you taste the bounty that springs forth from the people and producers of this beautiful and pristine part of Australia. We can make it happen and have crafted a range of Cairns Tasting Guide tour itineraries, with something to suit everyone. For more information, please see our Cairns Brewery and Distillery Tours , Cairns Walking Brewery Tours and Cairns Tablelands Food and Drink Tour .